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Replacement coils

Replacement coils

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Heating and Cooling Coils come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the application, cooling medium and coil geometries can span a wide range of material choices and configurations. In many instances, a customer may have an old coil in need of replacement and not have all of the original design conditions. Or perhaps, the old coil has failed due to a misapplication of material and a new coil is required. In any case, Flex coil, with it’s coil selection and manufacturing flexibility can offer solutions ranging from exact replacement of an existing coil or upgrades to an existing system requiring more applicable material or even performance enhancement.

Flex coil supplies coils in virtually any size and offers a wide variety of material combinations. For applications in:

- Off Shore
- Power
 - Commercial HVAC
- Dairy / Food Processing
- Exhaust Gas
- Sea or ground water
- Refrigeration
- Corrosive Media
- High Pressure

If your coil has reached the end of it’s life cycle, is corroded or leaking due to age or harsh environments, Flex coil is able to replace your unit with an exact duplicate for fit, upgrade for capacity enhancement or additional longevity for your process.

The attached page offers a start for required information for a duplicate coil. In addition to the information sheet, many customers choose to send their old coil directly to Flex coil to assure an exact duplicate. Our CoilCalc program can also verify capacity for the replacement coil offered.


Download the technical spreadsheet


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