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Plastic Centrifugal Fans with IEC standard motor and backward curved centrifugal impellers

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Corrosion-resistant design

- backward curved impeller

- IEC standard motor, IP55, ISO-Cl. F

- position of casing: LG/RD (EUROVENT)

- motor connection via IP55 terminal box

- motor protection by PTC resistors

- shaft passage sealed with V-ring

- direct installation by flexible joints


Features and Construction

Plastic centrifugal fans are used for conveying of aggressive mediums as i. e. acidic or solvent vapours etc. These may arise in process technology, in petrochemistry, in textile production, in printing plants, in laundries etc. The shaft passage is sealed against the casing backplate with a V-ring of fluorrubber, located on the impeller hub. The pressure of the sealing lip decreases with increasing speed.



The casings are produced following the rotational casting procedure and are made of electrically conductible polyethylene (PE). The design allows to remove the motor-impeller-unit and the console without disconnecting casing from the duct system. Casing and special steel console are sealed with an expanded PE-sealing.



The impellers made of PP are high efficiency and balanced dynamically on two levels according to

quality level G2.5 to DIN ISO 1940. On the inlet side the hub is covered with a stainless steel plate.


Position of casing / Direction of rotation

The casings can be rotated in 45° steps and therefore can be mounted in different positions. When placing an order please

state position of casing and direction of rotation (as a standard direction of rotation is counter-clockwise according to EUROVENT, on request clockwise). When ordering please indicate position of casing and direction of rotation!


Air performance curves

The performance curves for these fan types have been measured in mounting position D (ducted on the pressure side and on the suction side) and indicate the total pressure increase pt as a function of the air flow. The dynamic pressure pd2 refers to the flange cross section at the outlet side of the fan.


Noise levels

The bordered values printed in the performance curve diagrams show the „A“ weighted LWA6 sound power level (fan outlet). Determination of „A“ weighted LWA5 sound power level at fan inlet:

LWA5 [dB(A)] = LWA6 [dB(A)] - 2 dB



Download the technical spreadsheet


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