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Axial Fans plate mounted or double flange casing

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- low installation depth

- usable for many applications

- can be installed in any position

- insulation class F

- motor protection by thermal contacts

- speed is variable using auto transformers


Features and Construction

High efficiency axial fans are used wherever large air volumes must be conveyed against low up to medium pressure.

High efficiency axial fans with square inlet cone are used for ventilating restaurants, gymnasiums, conference rooms, workshops, ware-houses, swimming pools and greenhouses.

High efficiency axial fans with double flange ring are used in duct systems for air conditioning, cooling and drying applications.



The casings of high efficiency axial fans are made from galvanized sheet steel and are plastic coated.



The high efficiency axial fans have aerodynamically profiled blades (sizes 200 to 300 made from galvanized and lacquered sheet steel ; from size 315 to 630-6 made of plastic and sizes 630-4 up to 1000 made of aluminium).

The blades are made of galvanized sheet metal, and are mounted directly to the rotor of the external rotor motor and are balanced dynamically together with the rotor according to quality level G2.5 to DIN1940.


Electrical connection

The motors are fitted with an outgoing cable. The electrical connection can be made via an IP44 terminal box, which is supplied loose.


Air performance curves

The performance curves for these fan types have been measured in mounting position A (free inlet ; free outlet) and show the pressure increase _pfa as a function of the air flow ; version with inlet cone and without protection guards.


Noise levels

The bordered values printed in the performance curve diagrams show the „A“ weighted LWA6 sound power level (fan outlet). Determination of „A“ weighted LWA5 sound power level at fan inlet: LWA5 [dB(A)] = LWA6 [dB(A)] - 3 dB


The „A“ weighted sound pressure level LPA at a distance of 1 metre is calculated approximately by deducting 7 db(A) from the „A“ weighted sound power level. It is important to note that the reflection and room characteristic as well as natural frequencies influence the sound pressure levels a different way. The octave sound power level LWA at octave medium frequency you can find on the table on each fan type page.



Download the technical spreadsheet


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