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Recessed Air Curtains For Commercial and Industrial Doors

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- Specially designed for applications where the body of the air curtain is to be
installed inside a column or bulkhead for architectural reasons. It can be vertically
or horizontally mounted.
- Invisair air intake and discharge grille are in the same plane so that the air flow
through the unit is in a straight line. Intake into the bulkhead or column should be
by a suitable grille provided by others.
- Two anodised aluminium adjustable lamellas, airfoil shaped, so that air discharge
direction can be adjusted to 0 – 15 degrees either side.
- Structure made of galvanised plated steel finished in structural epoxy-polyester
white RAL 9016 as standard. Other colours are available on request.
- Double-inlet centrifugal fans driven by an external rotor EC motor with built-in thermal
protection contact. Provided with 5-speed selection. Very low noise level.
- “P” type includes water heated coil. “E” type includes electrical element shielded
element, 3 power stages with power switches included.“A” type is unheated, air only.
- Control panel and infrared remote control IR included. 7m of telephone cable with
fast connectors type RJ45 (Plug & Play). Optional: Interface to connect to BMS.


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