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Plug and play Energy recovery units

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Energy recovery units

More than efficient

The heating energy loss in many buildings could be greatly reduced by increasingly more effective thermal insulation. While the operator saves money in the form of minimised energy costs, in many buildings, a natural air exchange can no longer take place because of this airtight construction. The people who who reside within these buildings are the victims. The quality of the air often leaves much to be desired, and seems musty and and stuffy. Airing through windows can remedy the situation ; however, it is not always possible or severely impairs comfort by cold air and drafts. At the same time, the hard-won energy-saving potential is be wiped out by the escape of warm air through the windows, especially in winter.
This does not mean that energy-efficient new buildings or renovations must conflict with a pleasant feeling of well-being. The solution to the problem is called "mechanical ventilation".
But even with the mechanical ventilation, there are differences. The requirements for ventilation systems are increasing steadily with numerous rules and guidelines for energy efficiency and air hygiene. Then there is the often a lack of space through the optimal utilisation of the room area of buildings, which often does not allow for the use of large air handling units as the sole central solution. Even the often complex and time-consuming planning and design of air handling units, as well as the immense amount of wiring for the electrician on site, justifies the use of compact, pre-wired air handling units with defined components.

SupraBox COMFORT for a pleasant feeling of well-being

The Rosenberg SupraBox COMFORT energy recovery units are space-saving and distinguished primarily by their high energy efficiency. The counter-current heat exchangers used achieve efficiencies of over 90%. All fan units are powered with efficient Rosenberg EC motors. This high level of energy savings ensures low operating costs while protecting the environment by reducing CO2 exposure. The scheme has been designed specifically for the operation of the SupraBox COMFORT and provides optimum comfort and safety in the operation, monitoring and maintenance of the system. All internal components are completely pre-wired at the factory - Plug & Play. The energy recovery units in the SupraBox COMFORT series provide an energy-saving ventilation system for real estate such as restaurants, retail shops, hotels, office buildings and many more facilities. The SupraBox COMFORT units are optionally available in variants with horizontal (H) and vertical (V) connections as well as a ceiling version (D) - for example, for installation in false ceilings. The nominal air flow rates of the units range 800 - 5,000 m³/h. There is a wide range of accessories for more flexibility.


SupraBox DELUXE for draught-free comfort ventilation

The Rosenberg SupraBox DELUXE energy recovery units have been specially developed for direct, decentralised placement in the room. They represent a sophisticated ventilation concept, benefiting both the people in the room and the operators equally.
Through the source air outlet integrated into the unit, the units rely on draught-free and even air distribution. Trouble-free use of the room is guaranteed by the minimal noise levels of 35 dB (A) sound pressure level (at 1m distance).
The units can be set up flexibly in the room and stand intrinsically safe on the floor. Very good integration, both in existing and in new facilities, is guaranteed. Through the integrated source air outlet and the direct removal of the exhaust air via the unit, no additional ventilation pipes are needed for the room. The units are supplied fully pre-wired and thus represent a Plug & Play solution. Highly efficient counter flow heat exchanger and Rosenberg EC fans are also used here, as in the SupraBox COMFORT units.
The SupraBox DELUXE energy recovery unit series is ideal for use in classrooms and seminar rooms as well as offices and common rooms.
Depending on room occupancy, two devices with different nominal air flow (500 m³/h and 750 m³/h) as well as different connections, horizontal (H) and vertical (V) are available.




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